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  Contracted engineering projects -  ELiNTER group


  Elinter Vertriebs GmbH is a system supplier. We combine theory with knowledge to get the best technical results possible.  
  With thermal simulation we create proposals for products, electronic equipment or other general industrial solutions.
  We elaborate solutions and verify and validate them. We build the tooling and run production (key-turn service) in Asia / China.
  Our daughter company Elinter ASIA LTD support us in this tasks. She is responsible at the production site in China to run all
  projects: tooling design, coordinate production, quality checks, run buffer stock and guide all shipments abroad. Requests for
  turn-key services for your hardware or thermal components is always welcome, do not hesitate to contact us.



  The below listed services of the ELiNTER group is scalable or individual. Pls contact us for engineering- or
  production-services for components, assemblies or equipments:



  1. Service / thermal simulations 
      We simulate your costum-made designs and give you some needed answers to plan the next optimizing steps. 

  2. Engineering Support
      We provide you the service to optimize your thermal / mechanical design and give you some cost effective solutions. To
      find the "sweet spot" between thermal "best case" and "cost effective solution" is our strenght.  
      Optimizing additive manufacturing parts including kinematic simulation and mass optimation.

additive manufacturing, elinter, solidthinking, inspire, mass optimation,

  3. Contracted engineering projects 
      Key-turn solutions for housings, boxes or equipment in ruggedized or special ambients is our next speciality. Waterproof,
      high temperature, active cooling or heating solutions as result. Thermal management in general.

      - Enclosure shells with waterproof or EMI/RFI seals (Plastic mold or die-cast molding) 
      - Heatspreader - or Heatsink assemblies  (Heatpipe-, water cooler-, extrusion parts) 
      - Thermocoupler Cooler, Peltier cooling system beside selling the modules we offer standard or costum-made solutions

  4. Tooling design & production
Our Elinter ASIA takes care of your tools and productions in China. We produce below (DIN - german industrial norms) 
      We also offer export tools, means you can have the tools exported in any Country of the world. Pls let us know which standards
      you need and we produce them below your specifications:

      a. Tool design    (Mold Tools, die-cast tools)
      b. Tool production   (as key-turn offer, prototype in CN - tool delivered in DACH region, other after request)
      c. Export tools        (below international standards we provide: simple-, overmold-, 2k tools)


 5. Custom made components / or assemblies (key-turn) 
      Production is held mainly in China, delivery to CH or other EU countries. 

      a. Buffer stock service  (raw material at production, or final product in (CN, EU or CH)
      b. Quality checks ongoing to each new production lot
      c. Special package, mainly costum-made adapted (blister arrays, carton, MOQ, Bulk bags) or other


 6. Logistic 
     World wide delivery is available:

     a. DHL or TNT expres deliveries   (mainly prototypes)
     b. Air delivery (urgent deliveries) 
     c. Sea freight  (standard delivery) - China to EU delay 5-6 weeks


    General goal
    We do everything to get your business life easy. "One stop shopping" or "key-turn" projects like sets, solutions or assemblies are
    the key words to our service. Fast reaction time and a good service should give you the convidance to work with us. 
    We look forward to discuss your projects.  


         Elinter contracted development thermal design heatsink heat pipe


  about ELiNTER AG

Elinter Simulationsgrafik

"Elinter AG is a specialist for industrial system solutions - dedicated to the field of thermal management. We offer CFD Software, thermal coaching and key-turn system solutions. We elaborate solutions by thermal simulation or multiphysic simulation and make the results physical come true - abroad in asia by our daughter companies. 

We are your project partner in any stage of your design and looking forward to get in contact with you.

Jörg A. Doswald, CEO, Elinter group 


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